Standard Russian Group Course

A highly practical Russian language course for motivated adults who need to improve their Russian language skills for general use or for their work. This course is serious and challenging but also lively and fun. You always learn in a practical way: our courses are for people who want real results.

The General Russian course:

  • Designed to help you improve your general ability to communicate in Russian
  • Maximum 6-8 students per class
  • Each lesson is 90 minutes duration
  • 72 or 144 hours course with intensity appropriate for you (twice a week, 4 days a week, up to your schedule)
  • Can be combined with one-to-one lessons
  • Has levels from Beginner to Advanced
  • Written and spoken test on your first day to assess your level of Russian and to place you in a class appropriate for you
  • Progress test once in 72 hours and twice in 144 hrs course
  • Final writing and speaking test to check the results of the course
  • End-of-course certificate on the last day of your course

Individual Course of the Russian Language

Individual tuition is the fastest way to learn a language. Whether you need general or specialised language, each course is designed for your needs and adapted to your rate of progress. It is the perfect option if you have specific targets or limited time. It is particularly convenient for  those preparing for working with Russian speakers, study or living in Russia for some time. Our reputation for adaptability and flexibility means that your trainers respond to any further requirements you may have.

We offer a wide range of courses. We will design a programme to meet your needs, whatever they are. Our language trainers use the latest teaching methods and are skilled at assessing your needs. They will establish with you a detailed course plan to help you achieve you objectives.