To navigate business in Russia and mitigate miscommunications, an understanding of Russian is essential. The Business Russian course is designed for anyone working in a Russian business environment, or simply interested in learning Russian with a focus on the language of business. It provides a sound foundation of Russian language knowledge, giving foreign professionals the vocabulary, skills and confidence necessary to meet the daily demands of successful business. The course covers negotiating agreements, making contacts, business correspondence, giving presentations in Russian and much more. It includes basic business and commercial vocabularies, and tackles the language difficulties – both verbal and written – that businessmen and women frequently encounter in Russia.

Our tailor-made language training courses focus on your specific needs, whether you are a beginner needing basic language training or you already speak Russian and need to learn more advanced skills.

We provide Russian Language Courses on a range of topics including professional, financial or business Russian.

The course will improve your business relations and will help you to participate more actively and confidently in meetings, discussions and negotiations in Russian. It will also provide you with more awareness of the Russian cultures and improve your cross-cultural competence.

You will learn basic conversation starters, how to write a sound Russian business-letter and an email, learn about business etiquette and customs, learn how to talk on the phone and how to behave in face-to-face communication. Live dialogues, roleplay, real business situations and case studies will be helpful to make you feel confident about your presentation, speaking and listening skills in Russian.

The course can be taken on a group or individual basis, in your premises or in our Language Centre.

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